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Lander, Bernard Ph.D., 1915-2010: Home


Works by Bernard Lander

Glaser, D., Lander, B., & Abbott, W. (1971). Opiate addicted and non-addicted siblings in a slum area. Social Problems, 510-521.

Lander, B. (1943). The prevention of delinquency. Baltimore, MD: Baltimore Youth Commission.

Lander, B. (1943). A study in crime prevention. (Masters, Sociology, Columbia University).

Lander, B. (1954). ’Ecological studies of delinquency: A rejoinder to robert A. gordon’. American Sociological Review, 33, 594-597.

Lander, B. (1954). Toward an understanding of juvenile delinquency: A study of 8,464 cases of juvenile delinquency in Baltimore (Columbia studies in history, economics, and public law, no. 578 [new york. ]

Lander, B., & Lander, N. (1964). Deprivation as a cause of delinquency: Economic or moral? Mass Society in Crisis, Social Problems and Social Pathology,

Shmidman, M. A., & Lander, B. (2007). Turim : Studies in jewish history and literature : Presented to dr. bernard lander /. Jersey City, NJ: Touro College Press. 

Brief Biographical Sketch

Born 1915
Died 2010


  • President Touro College, 1970-2010
  • Founded Touro College, 1970
  • Dean, Yeshiva University’s Bernard Revel Graduate School of  Jewish Studies,1954-1969.
  • Under Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, Dr. Lander helped introduce the first civil rights legislation in New York State,1944.
  • Ordained as a rabbi, Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary,1938.

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