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Touro Scholar

This guide will help you become familiar with NYMC's institutional repository, Touro Scholar, and the various services provided by the Touro Scholar team.


Current Touro College and University System faculty, staff, and students with faculty sponsorship (meaning that their work has been approved by a faculty member) may only submit work which they have authored or co-authored, and which they have a legal right to submit. Authors must not submit materials with confidential information, and must have permission from all co-authors. Full texts of publications must be deposited, although there may be a delay in making the publication publicly visible to comply with publishers' embargoes or other issues.

Authors take the responsibility for the integrity and usability of the data, not Touro College and University System. Any intellectual property rights violations are entirely the responsibility of the authors; administrators only vet materials for eligibility, mission relevance, format, and exclusion of spam. Materials that violate these rules will be removed. 

Content Withdrawal

Touro Scholar is a permanent scholarly repository. Once a work is deposited, at least a citation to the work will remain permanently accessible.

Under special circumstances, authors may request that Touro Scholar remove a work or a specific version of the work. Touro Scholar staff will work with the author to make changes (such as embargoing or restricting access to) the record instead of taking it down completely. If a takedown is inevitable, we will honor the author’s request provided that it does not conflict with university or departmental policies (such as a program requirement).

Authors may also provide an updated version for posting, but updates do not necessarily need to replace originally-posted papers. Posting updated versions alongside an original version is one way that authors can show the progress of their research, which in some fields can have pedagogical or intellectual value.

Copyright Considerations

Authors must sign a permission form prior to material being uploaded to the repository, granting the College the non-exclusive license to distribute and preserve the material via Touro Scholar.  If the author is a student, the signature of the faculty advisor or the principal investigator is required.

Posters require a different permission form which includes the title of the work and an embargo option.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, materials posted on Touro Scholar are the property of their respective authors. 

Access and Preservation

Touro Scholar is intended as an open access resource to Touro research and scholarship. Most material on Touro Scholar will be freely available to the public. Some material may not be available immediately due to publisher embargoes, copyright, or other issues. Some access is restricted to Touro College and University System member use.

Materials will be retained indefinitely, with emphasis put on continued accessibility; however, it may not be possible for certain files to continue to be readable if they are in unusual formats.

Materials may not normally be removed from the repository, but may be for certain reasons, for example, if publishers’ rules mandate it, or there is a proven violation with copyright. Once an item has been deposited, it may not be changed. Errata/corrigenda may be included, and if absolutely necessary, an updated version of the material may be submitted.


Supported Format Types

Touro Scholar recommends the use of particular file types in order to increase the likelihood of safely migrating these files into the future.

Most papers in Touro Scholar are in PDF. Word and RTF files are typically converted to PDF when they are imported into the repository.

For supplementary materials and non-paper collections, we recommend the following formats:

  • Images: JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF
  • Audio: AIFF, MP3, "unprotected" (DRM-free) AAC
  • Video: MPEG
    • Streaming Video: Touro Scholar encourages archiving of video or other audio-visual materials which can be stored in Touro Scholar and linked to other sources such as YouTube. We cannot, however, do live streaming of video content from our servers. For units which have lecture series or other scholarly presentations in video or audio format, please contact us.
  • Data: XML, Comma-separated values

Other formats may be included for supplementary materials, but are less likely to be migrated when technology changes. Submissions may be in a different format, but we recommend that the files be additionally made available in one of the above formats.

When technology inevitably migrates to new formats in the future, we will change the format of a file, but not the information in it. For example, the repository managers will not update hyperlinks, other external references, or out-of-date information within a paper or supplementary file.