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Evidence Based Medicine / Clinician's Math I

The EBM course includes classes on evidence-based medicine and clinician's math. EBM will introduce the basic principles and process of evidence-based medicine. In first year, students will learn to distinguish between background and foreground questions; structure a focused clinical question using PICO; identify types of clinical questions and appropriate study designs; conduct efficient searches of biomedical literature and apply evidence to patient care.  Clinician's Math features 2 videos on basic statistics and study design followed by a problem-solving session, and an Application of Clinician's Math class. The integrated exams will include questions from the EBM and Clinician's Math classes. 

Recommended Resources for Evidence Based Medicine / Clinician's Math I

EBM Resource Center

This guide will help you locate and use evidenced-based medicine resources from the NYMC Library and beyond.

Epidemiology & Biostatistics

This guide will help you locate and use epidemiology and biostatistics resources from the NYMC Library and beyond.

Evidence-Based Medicine 2/e

Call Number: Main Collection WB102 E93 2000

Print ONLY.

Essential Evidence-Based Medicine 2/e

Call Numbers: Main Collection WB102.5 M468e 2010; Main Collection CD-ROM WB102.5 M468e 2010

Print ONLY.

Practical Biostatistics

Call Number: Main Collection WA950 S642p 2012

Print ONLY.