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Searching PubMed

This class provides users with a demonstration of basic PubMed search techniques.

Class Description

 Searching PubMed

GOALS: Upon completion of the class, participants should be able to access and efficiently search PubMed.

OBJECTIVES: By the end of the class, participants should be able to:

  • Access PubMed via the HSL database page.
  • Create a PubMed search strategy using MesH terms, when appropriate.
  • Search PubMed using field tags for author, title, etc.
  • Use the Limits features to gain more precise search results.
  • Link-Out to full-text articles via PubMed.

This class covers the features and search techniques available for searching NLM's web-based version of MEDLINE, PubMed. Included are the unique search features, how to perform simple and complex searches, how to use limits to narrow a search, as well as how to save and print a search strategy.  Also discussed is the use of PubMed Linkout which allows users to link from the search results to full-text articles.