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Word: Basic Techniques

Class Description

Word: Basic Techniques

This class is meant to give a general overview of the Word interface including the Ribbon (toolbar) and functions therein.

GOALS: Orient users with functions in the Ribbon, including formatting and reviewing tools.

OBJECTIVES: By the end of this class, participants will be able to:

  • Create a new document and format it to their specifications.
  • Effectively use reviewing tools like Spelling & Grammar check to edit and make changes to a document.

This class will cover the following tools:

  • Home tab
    • Formatting options: font, paragraph, styles, colors
    • Bullets and numbering
  • Insert tab
    • Tables, pictures, hyperlink, header/footer, page number
  • Page Layout tab
    • Margins, columns, page orientation, page and section breaks
  • Review tab
    • Spelling & grammar

Microsoft Word - 2018 Beginners Tutorial

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