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Copeland, Royal S., M.D., 1868-1938: Home

Portrait of Royal S.Copeland, M.D., 1868-1938

Portrait of Royal Copeland, M.D.

Works by Royal S. Copeland

Other sources of information

Finding Aid for Royal S. Copeland Papers, 1892-1938. Michigan Historical Collections. Bentley Historical Library. University of Michigan. 

Royal S. Copeland. Society of the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick in the City of New York.;view=1up;seq=180

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Brief Biographical Sketch

Birth: November 7, 1868
Death: June 17, 1938


NYMC History:

  • Dean & Professor of Ophthalmology 1908-1918


Additional Biographical Information:

  • U.S. Senator 1923-1938
  • 1918: President of the New York Board of Health
  • President, Vice President, and Secretary of the Michigan Homeopathic Society
  • President of the American Ophthalmological, Otological, and Laryngological Society
  • President American Institute of Homeopathy
  • Vice President of the American Public Health Association
  • Health Commissioner of the City of New York

Selected Biographical Articles

Davidson, J. R., & Dantas, F. (2008). Senator royal copeland. the medical and political career of a homeopathic physician. The Pharos of Alpha Omega Alpha-Honor Medical Society.Alpha Omega Alpha, 71(3), 4-10.

Junod, S. W. (2000). An alternative perspective: Homeopathic drugs, royal copeland, and federal drug regulation. Food and Drug Law Journal, 55(1), 161-183.

White Junod, S. (2000). Alternative drugs: Homeopathy, royal copeland, and federal drug regulation. Pharmacy in History, 42(1-2), 13-35. 

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