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Pharmacology: Library Resources


A partial list of pharmacology eBooks follows. Many more eBooks can be found using the eBooks PortalNYMCat (the Library catalog), or Ebook Central, the library's largest collection of eBooks.

Shelf Browsing Guide

QV Pharmacology

QV 1-57 Reference Works. General Works
QV 60-75 Dermatologic Agents. Gastrointestinal Agents
QV 76-113 Central Nervous System Agents. Local Anesthetics
QV 120-140 Autonomic Agents. Nonmetallic Elements. Neuromuscular Agents
QV 150-160 Cardiovascular Agents. Anti-Allergic Agents. Natriuretic Agents
QV 170-177 Reproductive Control Agents
QV 180-195 Hematologic Agents
QV 220-241 Local Anti-Infective Agents. Coloring Agents. Complex Mixtures
QV 243-269 Anti-Inflammatory Agents. Anti-Infective Agents. Antineoplastic Agents
QV 270-285 Water. Electrolytes
QV 290-298 Heavy Metals
QV 310-325 Noble Gases. Oxygen. Antioxidants
QV 350-370 Anti-Bacterial Agents. Tissue Extracts
QV 600-666 Toxicology
QV 701-835 Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics

Library Books on Reserve

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AMA Manual of Style Online

Welcome to the online home of the AMA Manual of Style! With a streamlined interface, intuitive search and browse, and personalization features, finding what you need in the Manual is easier than ever.

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