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Legacy RefWorks: Using Your References

Using Your References

Organize & Share Folders

Click on the tab for Organize & Share Folders

  • A list of your folders is presented
  • Clicking on a folder's corresponding folder icon will let you create a subfolder, rename a folder, clear it, delete it, or check for duplicate references
  • Clicking on a folder's corresponding share folder icon will create a url that you can send to those with whom you want to shae references. You can set sharing limitations and options.
  • To move references from one folder to another, access a folder and select the references you wish to move
    • Click on the Add to folder icon and select the destination folder
    • RefWorks will move a copy of the references to that folder

Set up your Computer to Use Write-N-Cite

Install Write-N-Cite -- A utility that allows your word processor to work with RefWorks. Write-N-Cite 4 FAQs

  • From within your RefWorks account, under Tools select Write-N-Cite
  • Download and install the correct version of Write-N-Cite for your computer
  • Restart your computer

Insert References into Your Text and Format Your Document


Write-N-Cite will format both the in-text citations and the bibliography for your document. The latest version of Write-N-Cite, version 4, integrates with Microsoft Word by creating a RefWorks tab in Word.


Using Write-N-Cite 4:

  • Open your MS Word document.
  • Click on the RefWorks tab. (Note: on first installation, the tab may say Proquest)
  • Log in with either the group code (rwnymc) and your user name and password, or by pasting the code from within RefWorks (under Tools >Write-N-Cite).
  • If necessary, click Sync My Database.
  • Select an Output Style from the drop-down list next to Style. You may find the style you need under, Other Styles.
  • If your Output Style is not listed within Write-N-Cite, you must load it from within RefWorks by clicking on Bibliography and Output Style Manager.
  • Position your cursor in your paper on the spot where you want to insert an in-text citation. Click Insert Citation, Insert New, choose a folder, choose a reference, click OK. You may also use the search box to locate a reference. 
  • To add your bibliography, under Bibliography Options, click Insert Bibliography.
  • Always proofread your bibliography. Incorrect or insufficient data in a database will result in an incorrect reference. Some styles, like APA, require lower case titles words excepting proper nouns. RefWorks will not capitalize proper nouns. You must do this yourself. Note that reformatting your bibliography using RefWorks will restore the original code and remove any corrections you've made.


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