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GSBMS Thesis Prep - Class Materials & Information: Literature Review, Thesis and Dissertation Resources

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Print Books

More books can be found using NYMCat (the Library Catalog).

Excluding Medline Results from Embase

To limit your search to exclude all Medline records add the following limit to your search:

NOT [medline]/lim

This will exclude all Medline records (including articles indexed by BOTH Embase and Medline) except for the records that have not been indexed yet. 

Formatting Tables & Figures in AMA Style

GSBMS Thesis Style

Formatting Page Numbers for the GSBMS Literature Review, Master's Thesis or Dissertation in Word Office 365, 2010 and 2007

  1. Click just after the final word of your prefatory pages (between the two parts of your document that you want to number differently).
  2. On the Page Layout tab, click Breaks.
  3. Under Section Breaks, click Next Page.
  4. Click just after the final word of your prefatory pages.
  5. On the Insert tab click Footer and then click Edit Footer.
  6. On the Header & Footer Tools tab click Page Number.
  7. Click Bottom of the Page and choose Plain Number 2 (ie. bottom center).
  8. On the Header & Footer Tools tab click Page Number.
  9. Click Format Page Numbers. Under Number format choose i,ii,iii and under Page numbering choose Start at i. Click OK. The number i will appear.
  10. On the Header & Footer Tools tab check Different First Page. The number i will disappear.
  11. On the Header & Footer Tools tab click Next in the Navigation Group until you are in the header for Section 2.
  12. On the Header & Footer Tools tab click Page Number then Format Page Numbers and choose 1,2,3 and choose Start at 1. Click OK. The number 1 will appear.
  13. On the Header & Footer Tools tab check Different First Page. The number 1 will disappear.
  14. On the Header and Footer Tools tab click Close Header and Footer.

Quality Checklist for Internet Resources

Basic Criteria:


Credibility, context or setting




Accessibility, design, ease of use



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Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Locating NYMC Literature Reviews, Master's Theses and Dissertations

There are 2 ways to access NYMC dissertations, Master’s theses or literature reviews:

1) Use the library catalog, NYMCat, linked from the library homepage. Select Advanced Search. Change the index labeled “Keyword” to “Subject”. Type "dissertations, academic" in the search box.

In the second search box type “new york medical college”.

To narrow results further you can try using the name of the school or department in a third search box, but keep in mind that these names have changed over the years and not all theses are indexed with them. You may also add a topic search term, either as a subject search or the default keyword search.

Electronic Theses: Some theses are available electronically. To search for these only, use "dissertations, electronic" as the subject phrase in step 1.

2) The Reference collection holds binders of thesis title pages that you may browse. The title page gives the title and author name. 

Note: Theses cannot be removed from the library, but may be scanned or copied. Theses are shelved in closed stacks. To see print copies, provide author and title information at the Access Services Desk or call (914) 594-4200 to arrange to email this information ahead of time, so that theses will be waiting for you.