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Touro Scholar

This guide will help you become familiar with NYMC's institutional repository, Touro Scholar, and the various services provided by the Touro Scholar team.

assisted deposit Assisted Deposit

If you are affiliated with NYMC, we can handle permissions and add your works to Touro Scholar for you! Simply send us your list of publications and our team will do the following:

  • Determine copyright/permissions for every work 
  • Contact publishers for permission on your behalf
  • Post permitted materials to the appropriate collection in Touro Scholar

*Please note that we will review permissions for all of the works in your CV, unless otherwise instructed.


What happens as part of the Assisted Deposit (AD) process?

We're going to import your CV into a spreadsheet, determine who the publisher is for each of your works, and then figure out whether or not those publishers allow us to deposit your work into an institutional repository like Touro Scholar. Based on that research, we will then deposit what we can and/or reach out to you for copies of works for which we need a non-final version. To learn more about the different versions of a scholarly paper, check out our FAQs.  

How long will the permissions process take?

Once your CV is out of the queue (which will take approximately 2-6 weeks depending on our current workload), the permissions review process will take anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending on the size of your CV and the number of permissions requests we need to send to publishers. It may also take longer if we need to contact publishers for permission on your behalf. 

Will you deposit all of my works?

While that is our goal, we are limited by publisher policies. Some publishers allow us to deposit the final published version, but others will only allow us to deposit a pre-final version, such as a preprint or postprint. Book publishers are less willing than journal publishers to have works deposited in repositories. Generally speaking, we should be able to automatically upload approximately 25% of your CV, but if we have access to your preprints/posprints, we can deposit upwards of 85% of your CV. The more preprints/postprints that you are able to provide, the more works we will likely be able to deposit to the repository. 

What can I do now?

It is very likely that we will need preprints/postprints for a number of your papers, as a significant number of publishers will only allow authors to upload non-final versions of their work to institutional repositories. To help expedite the permissions process, please consider compiling your preprints/postprints and sharing them with us in advance of our permissions review (you can use ). You can also share any Copyright Transfer Agreements (CTAs) that you might have from your journal or book publishers. 

How else can I use the results of AD?

In addition to having your works posted to Touro Scholar, you may use the results from this permissions process to populate your profile on social media sites like, ResearchGate, Twitter, Facebook, and other online platforms, as well as your departmental website. We strongly recommend linking to your works on Touro Scholar, as opposed to uploading duplicate copies (Touro Scholar URLs are permanent and will never change). As a result of having your works deposited in Touro Scholar, you will also receive access to an author dashboard which will provide analytics information for all of your works, as well as a monthly download report delivered directly to your inbox. By driving traffic to a single source, you can keep better tabs on your readership.

journal publishing

 Journal Publishing

Touro Scholar is also a publishing platform that supports open access journals. Journals can have their own customized design, and can include a variety of additional features such as access control and editorial management. Touro Scholar allows for workflows to be easily customized and editors to control their journal settings and policies. We can also host your back issues or archives.

Request a journal publishing consultation

digital projects Digital Projects

The Touro Scholar team assists departments, centers, classes, individual faculty members, staff, and other NYMC-related groups in setting up spaces for project materials related to course work, research, teaching, and departmental activities. We accept a wide range of materials. The Touro Scholar team will work with your staff to determine the best workflows to ensure the long-term sustainability of your collection, including training, uploading, author agreements, and ongoing support.

Theses, Dissertations and Capstones

Touro Scholar is the perfect venue for archiving and showcasing your department or program's theses, dissertations, and capstones. There are options to view these works within the Touro community only or to have it publicly accessible. The authors can also choose to delay the full-text availability of their work for a specific time of their choosing.

events and conferencesEvents and Conferences

With Touro Scholar, you can capture the valuable output from your past events, symposiums, or conferences. Papers, presentations, and posters can be collected into a proceedings series that are fully indexed and discoverable in search engines, disseminated to readers via email and RSS, and integrated with the hosting department’s site on the repository. Like journals on Touro Scholar, event collections can be branded with a unique design.