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Critical Appraisal Institute for Librarians: Schedule

CAIFL 2024 Schedule

January-March 2024
* All CAIFL listed times are Eastern US Time

Participants must attend all components in order to receive MLA CE credit.

Plenary 1: Wednesday 1/24 1:00 - 2:30 PM Eastern


General Welcome and Introductions (Marie Ascher, Dr. Terry Shaneyfelt)
Plenary Lecture: Dr. Andrew Coyle, "Why Critical Appraisal?"

Small Group breakouts - Meet your small group

During each of the modules listed below, participants are to meet in their small groups which are assigned at the start of the course based upon time slot preferences. During modules 2-5 you will be assigned one topic to teach to your peers as practice. Peer teaching is a mandatory component of the workshop.

*If you cannot make any particular session, make arrangements with your facilitator in advance. You can attend another small group that week unless you are scheduled to peer teach for that week. In order to receive MLA CE credit, you must attend all small group sessions.

Module 1: Week of January 29:
Intro to Critical Appraisal: Clinical Study Designs: Basics and Biases.

Module 2: Week of February 5:
Foundational Stats: Descriptive & Inferential Statistics and Hypothesis Testing.

Module 3: Week of February 12:
Common Measures of Association in Biomedical Studies 1: Therapy and Harm Studies

BREAK: Week of February 19 

Module 4: Week of February 26:
Common Measures of Association in Biomedical Studies 2: Appraising Diagnosis and Screening Studies.

Module 5: Week of March 4:
Common Measures of Association in Biomedical Studies 3: Prognosis Studies and Systematic Reviews.

Plenary 2: Wednesday 3/13 2:00-3:30 PM:

Panel Discussion (CAIFL Facilitators): Supporting EBM: examples from our libraries
Breakout rooms

Module 6: Week of March 18:
Journal Club Presentations in your small groups