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New York Medical College Poster Templates & Information: Poster Printing Policy & Procedures

Health Sciences Library Poster Printing


The Health Sciences Library poster printing service is available for New York Medical College Library users either by appointment or via our drop off service.

Drop-Off Service: (Recommended) Details on how to use this service are available at

  • Complete poster printing form and use to send signed form and poster file to -- or drop off form and file on flash drive in person.
  • Payment must be made in advance. The library accepts credit and debit cards (VISA, Mastercard, and Discover), checks, grant and department numbers, and cash. ­
  • Allow 3 working days for the poster to be printed, and 4 working days if the poster is dropped off on a Friday (since the library is closed for printing on Saturday).E.g. If a poster is sent for printing on Monday, the poster will be ready for pickup no later than Thursday evening. If the poster is sent for printing on Friday, the poster will be ready for pickup no later than Wednesday evening.
  •  The patron will be notified once the poster is ready for pickup. All posters will be picked up at the Access Services Desk. ­
  • It is the patron's responsibility to ensure the poster is print ready when sent to the library. Once the poster is printed, no refunds will be given and any reprints will be charged to the patron. If there is an obvious problem with the poster, the library will notify the patron that the poster cannot be printed until the patron reviews the poster.  If the poster is created on a Mac, please view it on a PC before dropping off for printing due to formatting and font issues. ­
  •  The library is not responsible for the flash drive or files on the flash drive.
  • The poster to be printed must be clearly marked or the poster will not be printed. Create a "Poster" folder on the flash drive and only have the poster(s) to be printed inside this folder. ­ One of the dimensions of the poster must be 24", 36", 42", or 44". Staff will not edit any posters.

Appointments: Monday-Tuesday: 11am – 9pm; Wednesday- Thursday 9am – 9pm, Friday 9:00 a.m. - 1:00(3) p.m. and Sunday 10:00am to 9:00pm. Call (914) 594 4200 to schedule your appointment or use our online scheduler: 

  • Please make sure that you respond to confirmation e-mail within an hour or your appointment will be automatically canceled.
  • Each appointment is for the printing of one poster only. Two posters requires two appointments. Please make only one appointment per poster.
  • Appointments at times other than stated above, may be arranged subject to staff availability.
  • A late appearance of more than 15 minutes may require cancelation of that appointment and another one will need to be scheduled.
  • Poster file must be on a flash drive.
  • Patrons are asked to stay until printing is progressing smoothly for in-person appointments. Patrons may not stay in poster printing area unless accompanied by library staff member.
  • The Library may not be able to accommodate all requests for poster printing due to time and staffing limits. Patrons may need to use outside vendors due to scheduling limitations.
  • Pre-payment is required on all posters.

Walk-in/same-day printing requests are considered RUSH and may be possible, subject to staff availability, at double the fee.

Planning Your Poster:

  • Posters must be in ppt, pptx, or pdf format.
  • Patrons should plan their posters carefully, being especially mindful of software limitations, eg. make sure that high resolution images are used.
  • Consult Library web page for details, sample templates and instructions on creating, printing and preserving your poster:
  • Consultations prior to your appointment may be scheduled to assist with the creation of your poster. This is a separate appointment.
  • During appointment staff members cannot provide design help nor will major corrections or modifications be made. If corrections are needed prior to printing the final version, another appointment may be necessary.
  • Before your appointment time, carefully review your poster. If a poster is printed and there is a problem that is not the fault of the printer, such as a spelling error, the patron is still responsible for payment.
  • Patrons are responsible for adherence to copyright laws. 


  • Costs will be determined by the amount and type of materials used and unless otherwise specified, default materials will be used. Typical costs are given in the chart below

   Paper Size in Inches →

Sample approx. 12"×24"








Oversized > 42"× >84"

Paper Quality










@ $5.00 per ft.










@ $10.00 per ft.




@ $30.00 per ft.

Additional Fees


Background Color or with more ink on poster + $15

Poster Printing Form 

‡ Photograph Quality Posters + addl. $30* Fees

Doubled for "RUSH" and Non-academic Posters

Poster tubes available for purchase in the NYMC bookstore.

44" Maximum printer capacity on Height and 100' wide.

  • Users should arrive with appropriate payment information.

Non-standard sizes will be charged the next highest price




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