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Poster Printing

Poster Printing Staff

Afsar Mohiuddin, MA, M. Phil, MS
Administrator, Library Network Systems
+1 (914) 594-3174

Patricia Kelly
Evening Supervisor
+1 (914) 594-4200

Michael Modugno
Library Assistant
+1 (914) 594-3750


Use SendThisFile to send the your completed poster printing form (download this form and use Adobe Reader or Acrobat for accurate calculations) and poster file to

Time:  Submit anytime. Poster(s) will be completed in 1-2 operating days. Posters are printed Monday through Thursday. Posters submitted on Thursday will be printed on Monday.

Payment:  Due when you come to pick up your poster. See the Fees box below for more information.

Policies & Guidelines

  • One of the dimensions of the poster must be 24", 36", or 42".
  • The maximum size for a poster is 42" high and 100" wide.
  • Posters must be in PPT, PPTX, or PDF format.
    • Posters created on Macs must be submitted as PDFs. 
  • Patrons are responsible for adherence to copyright laws. 
  • All NYMC posters must follow the guidelines found in the NYMC Style Manual which dictates use of the appropriate logos and colors. 
    • If you have questions about the guidelines, you can contact the Office of Public Relations: +1 (914) 594-4536 or
  • It is the patron's responsibility to ensure the poster is print ready when sent to the library. Staff will not edit any posters.
  • All appointments must be made 24 hours in advance. In the event that same-day service is needed, please call Access Services at +1 (914) 594-4200 to see if an appointment is available. 
    • Note that same-day service incurs an additional rush fee of $35.
  • Please be respectful of staff and other patrons' time and only book appointments you intend to keep. 
  • The library will notify patrons to reschedule any appointments cancelled due to equipment malfunction or staff limitations. 
  • If a patron is 15 or more minutes late without notice, their appointment will be cancelled.
  • Patrons who submit posters electronically will be notified once their posters are ready for pickup. All posters can be picked up at the Access Services Desk. ­
  • Once the poster is printed, payment is due immediately. Any reprints will be charged to the patron.
  • The library accepts credit and debit cards (e.g. VISA, Mastercard, and Discover), checks, grant and department numbers, and cash. 


Costs will be determined by the amount and type of materials used and unless otherwise specified, default materials will be used. Typical costs are given in the chart below.

Paper Size in Inches Sample Approx. 12"x24" 36"x24-48" 36"x49-60" 36"x61-72" 42"x25-48" 42"x49-60" 42"x61-72" 42"x73-84" Oversized >84"

Matte $35 $40 $45 $50 $50 $55 $60 $65 @ $5.00 per ft
Glossy $35 $50 $60 $70 $55 $65 $75 $85 @ $10.00 per ft

Cloth (polyester)

36" only

$60 $75 $90 $105 ~84"/$120 ~95"/$135 @ $15.00 per ft

Additional Fees:

  • Background color /extra ink: $15.00
  • RUSH Fee (same day): $35.00