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Library Tutorials and How-To Guides

Information 101 Series

This series of tutorials addresses the library's Information Management Competencies.

NYMC Health Sciences Library. (2019, September 26). Navigating the Homepage [Video file]. Retrieved from

What's Covered in Navigating the Homepage:

  • Remote Login: 0:39
  • Main Navigation Bar: 1:40
  • HSL Discovery Search: 4:28
  • ​More Research Tools: 4:44
  • Library Hours: 5:02
  • ILLiad, HSL Blog, & Staff Directory: 5:27
  • Gallery Box: 6:03

What's Covered in Defining Your Question: PICO

  • What is PICO?
  • How to Structure a Research Question Using PICO
  • How to Use MeSH in a PICO Search
  • How to Use Boolean Operators in a PICO Search

NYMC Health Sciences Library. (2019, September 19). Finding a Book [Video file]. Retrieved from

What's Covered in Finding a Book:

NYMC Health Sciences Library. (2019, September 11). Finding a Journal Article [Video file]. Retrieved from

What's Covered in Finding a Journal Article:

NYMC Health Sciences Library. (2019, September 27). Selecting a Resource [Video file]. Retrieved from

What's Covered in Selecting a Resource:

  • HSL Discovery Search: 0:37
  • Research Guides: 0:53
  • Books & eBooks: 1:40
  • Journals Articles: 3:01
  • Websites: 6:10

NYMC Health Sciences Library. (2019, September 11). Copyright & Plagiarism [Video file]. Retrieved from:

What's Covered in Copyright & Plagiarism:

  • Plagiarism: 1:51
  • Copyright: 2:59
  • APA & AMA Citation Style Examples: 5:03

Research Basics

If you have an issue or question, call or use our “Ask a Librarian” service to chat or email us. You can also stop by the Reference desk or call +1 (914) 594-4200 and ask for a reference librarian. A reference librarian staffs the Reference desk Monday-Thursday from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM and other times as needed. Check our library calendar page for the current holiday schedule.

If you have a more in-depth issue or question, you can arrange for a consultation, a one-on-one instruction session with a reference librarian that can be scheduled at a time that is convenient to you. Frequent topics include the library’s resources, searching a particular database, and help with a research project, but you can request your own topic when you request a consultation. To arrange for a consult, fill out the form here.

Below are some tip sheets and guides to get you started with your research.

Conducting an Effective Literature Review: Part 1 Overview

Conducting an Effective Literature Review: Part 2 PubMed


Conducting an Effective Literature Review: Part 3 Embase, Web of Science, and HSL Discovery Search

Problems Accessing the Tutorial Videos?

If you are having difficulties accessing the library video tutorials, these instructions should provide you with a solution.  However, if you follow all of these instructions and you still cannot access the tutorials, please contact the library:

Changing Your Browser

The issue may have to do with the browser that you are using.  First, try changing your browser to Internet Explorer.  If that does not work, try Solution 2.

Managing Your Google Chrome Settings

1. Click on the link to the tutorial you wish to view.

2. In the address bar, click on the little 'i' before the URL.

The 'i' icon in the address bar.

3. Navigate to the drop-down menu next to Flash and change the selection to allow.

The Allow drop-down for enabling Flash.

4. Reload the page.

The reload button for reloading the page with Flash enabled.


Coming Into the Library

If the other solutions do not work and you have the ability to do so, come to the library to watch these videos on a library computer.  If you come in between the hours of 8AM and 10PM, a librarian should be at the front desk to help you if you have issues.