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Writing Support Service: Schedule an Appointment

Book a Consultation

Book an appointment here or by clicking on a highlighted date on the calendar to the right. For English Writing Tutoring see the next tab, above. 

  • An available time slot will appear.
  • Click on the link for the consultation and register.
  • You will receive a confirmation email.
  • Use the link in this email if you need to cancel an appointment or call 914-594-4200.

Your work must be submitted to Dropbox at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Failure to do so will result in the cancelation of the appointment.

The document must be in a PC readable format: .doc, .pdf, .rtf

**Instructors will not proofread or copyedit your work, but will point out overall writing issues and trends and make suggestions to improve your work. 

Doing your part

Working with a Writing Advisor

Have realistic expectations prior to submitting an assignment or scheduling an advising appointment.

  1. For written feedback, allow at least 48 hours for turnaround on drafts submitted to writing advisors.

    If your paper is due tomorrow, then you should plan to work with a writing advisor on your next paper. It's too late to seek help this time. When you receive a draft back from a writing advisor, you will have to do additional work to complete the final draft.

  2. Expect appropriate kinds of help.

    Think of writing advisors as coaches rather than auto mechanics. Advisors are trained to help you perform better as a writer, not to correct problems in a paper for you.

  3. Be clear and complete in describing your assignment.

    Clearly explaining your assignment will help you to write a better paper. It will also enable the writing advisor to work smart. If you have a printed copy of your assignment, copy it into your Request for Writing Help.

  4. Explain what you need help with.

    Writing advisors can suggest improvements for you to make in your paper, but they are not permitted to rewrite, edit, or proofread for you. Because some writers have difficulty recognizing problem areas in their writing, advisors might model editing of a small section of a paper. But they will leave it to you to edit the rest of your draft yourself by following their model.

Paper Submission Cap

Because of staffing limitations, we can only accept a certain number of requests per day. If you find that you are unable to submit your paper, then we have hit that daily cap. Please consult the many writing resources available to you in our Resources to Make you a Better Writer section.

Please understand that as the Writing Support experiences unprecedented growth, we are doing our best to ensure that we maintain the quality of our advice. We appreciate your understanding and support. If you or your professor has any questions about this policy, please e-mail us


Request a Peer Review Session for Your Class

If you teach a class and would like us to facilitate a peer review session for your students, please contact us



Touro Writing Center

The Touro College Main Campus also has a Writing Center for your convenience.

The Touro Writing Center provides small group and individual instruction to help students with their writing as it applies to coursework and certification tests, as well as to career development. Located in rooms 323-326 at 43 West 23rd Street in Manhattan, the center hours are, Monday - Thursday 9am to 5pm and Friday 9am-1pm, throughout the semester. 

About the Writing Center

Launched on April 1, 2014, the Writing Center provides guidance, direction and suggestions in the review of papers to the NYMC community.  Individual consultations, group peer review sessions, and special writing presentations and workshops will help you write better journal articles, research papers, resumes, CVs and cover letters, personal statements and more.

Through interactive consultations, librarian instructors and volunteers will work with you to make you a better writer. 

Disclaimer: Library staff provides guidance, direction and suggestions in the review of papers. As papers are reviewed by different librarians, there will be variances in the response received. Students or instructors may disagree with review suggestions. All questions about the paper should be directed to the instructor.

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