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Simonson, Jeremiah T., M.D., 1869-1944: Home

Portrait of Jeremiah T. Simonson, M.D., 1869-1944

Portrait of Jeremiah Simonson, M.D.

Scanned Documents from the NYMC Collection

Selected Biographical Articles

Obituary, Chironian(6) 3 1944, pg. 8

Obituary, New York Times, October 2, 1944. 

Obituary: Yonkers NY Herald Statesman 1944 Grayscale a (369).pdf

Brief Biographical Sketch

Birth: 1869
Death: October 1, 1944


NYMC History: 

  • Professor Emeritus, 1939 -1944.
  • Head/Chief, Department/Division of Medicine, 1923-1938   
  • Head, Pediatrics Department, Flower and Fifth Hospital, 1931-1938
  • Head of the Section/Department of Pediatrics, 1923-38
  • Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, 1923-1938
  • Professor of Pediatrics, 1902-1938
  • Instructor of Pediatrics, 1899-1902
  • Quiz master in Pediatrics, 1895-1899
  • Assistant Demonstrator of Obstetrics/Clinical Assistant in Pediatrics, 1893-1894
  • Graduate, 1891 (Recipient of the Second Faculty Prize)
  • Recipient, New York Homeopathic Medical College and Flower and Fifth Ave. Hospital Gold Diploma for 50 years of medical practice, 1941
  • Helped NYMC attain Class A rating.
  • Helped raise $100,000 for the creation of the Royal Copeland Foundation for Public Health and Hygiene at the New York Homeopathic Medical College and Flower Hospital, 1929.
  • "Best Liked" in the 1931 yearbook.


Additional Biographical Information:

  • Chief, Division of Medicine, Flower Hospital
  • Director of Pediatrics, Fitkin Memorial Hospital (Neptune, NJ), 1936-1938
  • Director of Pediatrics, Metropolitan Hospital, 1932-1936
  • Head, Department of Pediatrics, Flower Hospital 1926-1937
  • Chief of Clinic, Department of Pediatrics, Flower Hospital, 1917-1926
  • Attending Physician, Children's Ward, Flower Hospital, 1902-c1917
  • Consultant in Pediatrics: Yonkers Homeopathic Hospital/Yonkers General Hospital, Willard-Parker Hospital, Community Hospital



  • Alpha Club
  • American Academy of Pediatrics (Fellow)
  • American Institute of Homeopathy (President, 1934-1935)
  • American Medical Association
  • National Society of Pediatricians
  • New York State and County Homeopathic Medical Societies

"Dr. Simonson's most basic characteristic was his highly resonant basso profundo voice. It could not be said of him he was seen but not heard. Yet he could be gentle as a kitten if necessary at the bed of a sick child."  -- Chironian, 1944.



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