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Ask a Librarian

Writing Support

Academic Writing Support Specialist

Writing support is offered by Erika Maikish, Academic Support Writing Specialist.    

Face to Face

  • By appointment only. 
  • Available for 30 and 60 minute sessions.
  • Be sure to leave yourself enough time before the due date for revising and editing. 
  • To schedule, email Erika Maikish ( 


  • The file you submit must be a Microsoft Word document or shared on Google Docs. 
  • Attach any assignment sheets, instructions, rubrics, etc. 
  • Note 2-3 concerns that you have. 
  • To allow enough time to review and comment on your essay and to give you time to revise, all essays need to be emailed before the due date as follows:
    • a minimum of 2 business days for a paper under 5 pages;
    • 3 business days for 5-10 pages;
    • 4 business days for more than 10 pages. 

Email/Contact Erika Maikish ( with questions.