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Accessing the National Inpatient Sample (NIS) Database

A guide on accessing the National Inpatient Sample (NIS) and an overview of the qualities of the data set.


Finding Relevant Articles in PubMed

It can be helpful to find articles relevant to your discipline/field that also use the NIS database for analysis. To find articles on any discipline that use the NIS data set, click here. If you would like personalized search assistance from a librarian on your research topic, please schedule an appointment with a librarian.


To find articles specific to your field/discipline, you can copy/paste this simple search string into PubMed and add your focus in the highlighted area:


("national inpatient sample" OR "nationwide inpatient sample" OR NIS OR HCUP) AND (add your discipline, focus, area of study here)



An example of a discipline-specific search would look like this:


("national inpatient sample" OR "nationwide inpatient sample" NIS OR HCUP) AND (gynecology OR gynaecology OR "Gynecology"[Mesh])

Example Articles