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DynaMed Plus App

DynaMed Plus

DynaMed Plus

Take DynaMed Plus with you on your tablet or smartphone wherever you go. It’s fast and easy to access the clinical information users need on their iPhone, iPad or Android device.

DynaMed Plus App Features:

  • Access content offline
  • IOS Split View support for efficient multitasking
  • Bookmark Favorites
  • Write and save notes about particular topics
  • Email topics

NOTE: Whenever you access the library's resources from off-campus, remember to log into the library proxy network before navigating to the resources you want to use.

Installing the App for the First Time
  1. From the library homepage, click on the link to DynaMed Plus found under the Quicks Links* sidebar on the left.
  2. On the DynaMed Plus homepage, click on the Get DynaMed Plus Mobile App link under the Spotlight section on the lower, left-hand side of the page.
  3. Enter your email address and click the Send button.
    • NOTE: You do NOT need to use your NYMC email address.
  4. DynaMed Plus will send you an email with details regarding remote access.
  5. Go to the App Store/Google Play Store.
  6. Type DynaMed Plus into the search box.
  7. Download the app to your phone.
    • NOTE: Make sure you have enough room on your phone before starting the download.
  8. Once the app is installed, click on the app's icon on your phone to access it.
  9. You will then be prompted to authenticate.
  10. Go to your email on your phone and click on the activation link sent to you via email.
    • NOTE: The system will give you a date on which your mobile access will expire.  Be sure to write this date down as you will need to repeat the process of sending yourself an activation link again after your access expires.
  11. Next, you will be prompted to choose your installation option.  Select whichever option suits your needs, depending on your phone's storage capacity and the internet availability you think you'll usually have while using the app. 
  12. Click the Continue button.
  13. After selecting your installation option, you will be able to use the app as needed.
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