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Library Policies and Procedures

Onsite Access to the Library

The Phillip Capozzi, M.D. Library of New York Medical College is located in the Basic Sciences Building (BSB) on the Valhalla, New York campus. A branch library is located on the ground floor of the Skyline Building.

The BSB library facility is open for use 24/7.* The Skyline Library facility is open all hours the building is open. Please refer to the library calendar page for up-to-date information on specific library service hours and holiday closures. 

All NYMC faculty, students, employees have full onsite access to the Capozzi Library with their NYMC ID card -- after service hours with scannable ID access.

Resident and fellow access is by appointment only and only during library service hours. If you have an appointment, upon arrival please stop at the Public Safety Desk to be escorted to the library. Check in at the library's Access Services desk with the name of the person with whom you have an appointment. Picking up a poster that has been printed for you also constitutes an appointment. (Note that this is a procedural change as of 2/15/24).

A library barcode is required to check out physical materials. All valid users (students, faculty, employees, residents, or fellows) can obtain a library barcode in the library during service hours at the Access Services desk. Acceptance of a barcode assumes users understand and accept the terms of use, including timely return of materials and payment of fines and fees (see below) 

The Capozzi Library is not open to the general public. As a designated Resource Library in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) and OCLC, the Capozzi Library provides fee-based document delivery services. Please contact the library at (914) 594-4200 for more information.

*Please note that the BSB library is cleaned in the early morning and we apologize for any disturbance caused as the cleaning crew keeps the library free from dust and debris.

Online Access to the Resources of the Capozzi Library

All NYMC faculty, students, employees, residents and fellows have full onsite access to the Capozzi Library Access to Capozzi Library's electronic resources is validated via OpenAthens. The system will prompt you to log in when you try to access one of our resources and remember you for the rest of your browser session.

How you log in is dependent on whether or not you have TouroOne credentials. Below are instructions for both cases.


1. Once you click onto one of our eResources, you will be presented with an OpenAthens login screen that looks like this:

OpenAthens Login Screen - Select TouroOne Credentials Option

2. Click on the “With your TouroOne credentials” option.

3. The system will redirect to the TouroOne login screen.

4. Use your network ID and password to login.

  • If you are using your own computer, remember to click on the “Remember me for 30 days” checkbox so that you don’t have to go through Duo Security every time.

TouroOne Login Screen 

5. Upon successfully logging in, you will be redirected to the eResource you wanted to access.

1. Once you click onto one of our eResources, you will be presented with an OpenAthens login screen that looks like this:

OpenAthens Login Screen - Select NYMC Library Account Option

2. Click on the “NYMC Library Account” option.

3. The system will redirect to the library account login screen.

Library Account Login Screen

4. Use your library username and password to login.

5. Upon successfully logging in, you will be redirected to the eResource you wanted to access.

NOTE: New residents and clinical faculty can register for a library account using the instructions below.

Service Fees

Service Affiliated Non-NYMC
Basic Rush14 Basic Rush1
Scan on Demand (per 30 pages)2 Free $15.00 $12.00 $22.00
Interlibrary Loan (non-NYMC item)2 Free $15.00 $22.00 $40.00
Literature Searches3 Free Free $75/hr N/A
Library Classes Free N/A $80.004 N/A
Binding for Theses and Dissertations $38.00 N/A N/A
Poster Printing Please check our poster printing guide for more information.

1 Rush = 4 hours or less

2 Copyright for NYMC members subsidized up to $30/item; full copyright fees charged to non-NYMC members.

3 Free for first hour. Students must schedule a research consultation.

4 $80.00 per person or $50.00 per person for 2-8 persons.

Overdue Fines

Due dates are assigned to assure timely return of materials. The borrower is responsible for keeping track of items borrowed and due dates. All notices are a courtesy. We have lifted overdue fees for Main Collection Books and Journals, but you are responsible for returning them immediately upon recall. 

Fine Schedule 

Item Type 

Fine Schedule 

Grace Period 

Maximum Fine 

2-Hour Reserve Items 



$100.00 per item + $30.00 administrative fee*

3-Day Reserve Items 


1 day 

$100.00 per item + $30.00 administrative fee*

Recalled Items Needed for Reserve Collection 


5 days 

$100.00 per item + $30.00 administrative fee*

Main Collection Books and Journals 

No daily fine 



$30.00 administrative fee*

Overdue Notices 

All overdue notices are a courtesy. You can opt in to receive notice that is sent 3 days in advance of due date and/or item due reminder that is sent the same day item is due. To set this up, login to your KOHA account and choose messaging options on your left-hand side. 

After the due date, if book is not renewed or returned, three overdue notices are sent ten days apart followed by a lost book notice and invoice for replacement cost.  

Notices are sent to the email address on file, usually your NYMC email address. If you would like to use an alternate email address for these notices, please set up forwarding rules in your email. 


  • Library borrowing privileges will be suspended when accrued fines owed reach $50.00.
  • The registrar will be contacted by the library and an administrative hold will be placed for students until rectified.
  • For residents, an invoice will be sent to residency program chair.

* A $30.00 administrative fee will be assessed once a book is considered “lost” by our system. At that point the borrower will be invoiced for the replacement cost of the book plus the administrative fee. If the book is returned the borrower will pay accrued overdue fines (up to maximum above) plus the $30 administrative fee. If the book is lost, the borrower will pay the cost of the book plus the $30.00 administrative fee.

Conduct in the Library

The library strives to create an environment which is clean and suitable for study. All library users are expected to respect the needs of their fellow students and abide by rules dictating behavior in the library. Additionally, all users need to respect the study environment in the library and leave the space in the same condition that they found it. 

Eating produces not only mess but creates noises and smells that those seeking a study environment find objectionable. For these reasons, eating food in the library is not permitted. Hot and cold beverages are permitted only in spill resistant containers with lids. Bottle with screw lids are acceptable if the cap is replaced.

Exceptions to the food policy may be made for special events and must be approved in advance by the library director.

Please respect the needs of your fellow students. The library is recognized as a space that one can expect quiet. Any noise should be minimized. The study rooms and classrooms are not sound proof, so please act accordingly.