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USMLE Step 1 Study Resources

Advice from Academic Support at NYMC


Some recommendations the Office of Student Academic Support:

Doing well in your M3 clerkships extremely valuable for your Step 1 preparation. OSAS thus recommends that you concentrate on mastering your Microbiology, Pathology, and Pharmacology content throughout the year. When you reach dedicated, we recommend heavy utilization of UWorld and 4-5 practice exams (NBME Forms, UWorld 1 + 2, and the Free120). You should be seeing percent corrects above 70%. Do not underestimate the time and dedication needed for this exam despite the change to Pass/Fail.


Take a look at our SOM Peer to Peer Resources Guide. These are recommended resources from your NYMC's School of Medicine Peer Learning Partners and NYMC's School of Medicine AOA that will guide you in your second year and for Step 1. You can also download the PLP/AOA M2 Guide or review OSAS's Step 1 Bootcamp on LEO/Google.


OSAS also offers individual support. You can meet with our staff by scheduling a one-on-one appointment or book a session with a Peer Learning Partner (who are available for both M2 Courses and Step 1 prep).