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GSBMS Thesis Prep

Guideline for students writing a Literature Review, M.S. Thesis or Dissertation PhD.

Class Descriptions





New Class 1: Topic Development

  • Learn how to focus your search from choosing a broad subject which you can then refine to a more specific topic.

New Class 2: Source Selection

  • What types of sources are searched, selected, examined and used in a Literature Review?
  • How to tell the differences between primary, secondary, and tertiary sources?

Class 3: Dr. Thompson's Plan of Attack: An Overview of the GSBMS Thesis Process 

  • How to stay organized and meet important deadlines?

Class 4: How to Conduct a Literature Review 

  • What is a literature review?
  • What are the components of a quality literature review?
  • How do you pull it together?
  • What sources do I include?
  • How do I find original articles? 
  • How do I search for these sources?
  • What databases do I search?

Class 5: How to Write Effectively

  • How do I present my argument and organize my ideas?
  • How do I write effectively?
  • How do I avoid plagiarism?

Class 6: Formatting According to GSBMS Guidelines

  • How do I format my literature review?
  • How do I format tables and figures?
  • How do I cite references and create a bibliography?

GSBMS Thesis Class Recordings