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Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Point-of-Care Tools

The following are evidence-based tools providing the most up-to-date, synthesized evidence organized in a quick-format to be used at the point of care. These tools include outlined topic summaries, drug reference and interactions, patient education sheets, medical calculators and assessment tools, and more. 


UpToDate® is an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource which clinicians trust to make the right point-of-care decisions. -- All NYMC students, all on-campus NYMC faculty, course directors, clerkship directors, and staff are eligible to download the app and register for their own accounts. If you are eligible but don’t currently have access, please contact Marie Ascher (View tutorial)


A quick medical reference system designed for use at the point of care. It contains clinically organized summaries of nearly 1,800 topics and is updated daily from review of the research literature; application for mobile devices. (View tutorial


Clinical applications include dosing, drug interactions, tablet & capsule identification, medical calculations and patient advisory leaflets. (View tutorial)

Practice Guidelines

•  American Psychiatric Association - APA practice guidelines provide evidence-based recommendations for the assessment and treatment of psychiatric disorders and are intended to assist in clinical decision making by presenting systematically developed patient care strategies in a standardized format.

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry - For over 25 years, the AACAP Committee on Quality Issues (CQI) has been charged with the development of a series of documents intended to inform clinical practice in child and adolescent psychiatry. Over the next few years, the original series – known as Practice Parameters – will be phased out and replaced by two new series of documents – known as Clinical Updates and Clinical Practice Guidelines.

DynaMed - Link to relevant, up-to-date national and international guidelines in each topic summary.

• PubMed - As shown in the following tutorial, you can use PubMed to search for guidelines related to your keywords. Don't forget to limit your search by publication date as well. 

Medical Calculators

Clinical calculators assist in converting measurements and dosages, determining risk, and assessing patients. We have several top rated apps, software, and databases that will assist you in point-of-care decision making and allow you to use calculators in a range of specialties.

UpToDate: This resource offers web-based access. It allows you to enter values in commonly used formulas to obtain numerical data or to estimate the severity of a condition. Please note, UpToDate is available to NYMC students only. Faculty may contact Marie Ascher at 914-594-4207 or to discuss access.

Calculate by QxMD: This free, online resource is also available as an app. The calculators are organized according to specialty, and can be set to the imperial system of measurement or international system of units (SI). Save favorite and recently used calculators by creating an account, which can also be linked to your Read by QxMD account.

MDCalc: A publicly accessible online tool that is also available as an app. Search for calculators by keyword, calculator function, disease, specialty, chief complaint, or organ system. Discover the most popularly used calculators, updates, and recently added calculators.

ClinicalKey App Icon

ClinicalKey: From the Clinical Calculators link below the search box, you can access 300+ drug, clinical criteria/decision tree, medical, and unit conversion calculators. Available on the web and coming soon to the app.

DynaMed App Icon

DynaMed: From the calculator tab at the top of the page, you can access statistics calculators and decision trees, as well as the ability to search by medical specialty from Anesthesia to Rheumatology.

Lexicomp: From the calculators tab, browse the alphabetical list of clinical calculators, from conversions, infusions, to renal function estimation. Lexicomp provides a wide variety of calculators for pharmacokinetics and toxicology.

The AMA Manual of Style provides a conversion calculator for easily switching between SI and metric quantities. The calculator provides conversion between measures (such as length, area, mass and volume) as well as for selected laboratory tests, with reference range and convergence factors.