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McDowell, Charles, M.D., 1857-1945: Home

Portrait of Charles McDowell, M.D., 1857-1945

Portrait of Charles McDowell, M.D.

Selected Works by Charles McDowell

 "Suggestions on Preventive Medicine in General Practice", presented at the Homeopathic Medial Society of the County of New York, 1903. 

 "What Vaccination has Accomplished."  New York Board of Education. Public Lecture, 1908.

Brief Biographical Sketch

Birth: 1857
Death: 1945


New York Medical College History: ¹

  • Emeritus Professor, Physiology and Public Health, 1936-1945.
  • Professor, Physiology and Public Health, 1929-1935.
  • Head, Department of Physiology, 1921-28.
  • Professor, Physiology, 1886-1928.
  • Recording Secretary, Alumni Association, 1886-89.
  • Demonstrator and Assistant to the Chair, Pathology, 1884-85.
  • Graduated, 1878.


 Additional Information:

  • Charles and Harriett Cox McDowell Professorship of Philosophy and Religion, Swarthmore College, established, 1952. ²
  • Graduate, Swarthmore College, 1877. ³



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