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Logan, Myra, M.D., 1908-1977: Home

First woman to perform open heart surgery

Portrait of Myra Logan, M.D., 1908-1977

Myra Logan Yearbook Photo

Source: Fleur-O-Scope (NYMC Yearbook) 1933, pg. 71.

Works by Myra Logan

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Brief Biographical Sketch

Birth: 1908
Death: 1977


Myra Adele Logan,the first recipient of the Walter Gray Crump Scholarship for Young Women, graduated from New York Medical College in 1933. Among her more notable accomplishments, she was the first female to perform open heart surgery and was the first female African American  elected a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. 


NYMC History:

  • First recipient of the Walter Gray Crump Scholarship for Young Women.
  • Graduated New York Medical College 1933.


Additional Information:

  • She was the second female African American interne at Harlem Hospital ( Dr. Myra Logan..July 8.1933.)
  • Served on the New York State Committee on Discrimination ("Dr. Myra Adele Logan." 1977)



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