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Portrait of William Cullen Bryant, 1794-1878

Portrait of William Bryant

Portrait of William Cullen Bryant on display in the reception area of Sunshine Cottage

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Brief Biographical Sketch

Birth: November 3, 1794
Death: June 12, 1878


NYMC History: 


Additional Biographical Information:

In 1826, Bryant moved from Massachusetts to New York City to assume the editor-ship of the New York Evening Post.  In 1829, he became the editor in chief of the Evening Post.³  William Cullen Bryant never became a doctor, but he was one of the first in  New York City to accept homeopathy as a new healing system.  In 1834, he joined the New York Homeopathic Society.  His addresses both written and oral supported homeopathy and the use of remedies such as aconite, arsenic, belladonna, mercurials, and sulfur.  In 1841, he became the first president of the New York Homeopathic Society

Bryant helped establish Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  He also campaigned for a full-time paid fire department in New York City.  He was well known as an outspoken opponent of slavery.4



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