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EndNote Desktop

Set Preferences and Authenticate

You can search the NYMC's Health Sciences Library for the full-text articles of your references from within Endnote.

Finding full-text will automatically attach a pdf of the article to your citation record in Endnote. 

To find full-text:

1. Set Your Preferences for the Health Sciences Library: 

You must first set up your preferences with the Health Sciences Library Open Path URL (you will only have to do this once, not every session.)

For PC: In Endnote Desktop, go to Edit > Preferences > Find Full-Text

For Mac: In Endnote Desktop, go to Endnote 20 > Preferences > Find Full-Text

In the empty boxes next to Open Path URL and Open URL, paste the following: 

Click Apply. Then click OK and close. 


2. Each session, make sure you are "signed in" to the Health Sciences Library by authenticating from within Endnote:

            For PC: In Endnote Desktop, go to Edit > Preferences > Authenticate

            For Mac: In Endnote Desktop, go to Endnote 20 > Preferences > Authenticate 

A pop-up window will prompt you to select your sign in option to sign in for the library. After you have logged in, click Done. You are ready to find full text! 


Find Full-Text

Endnote can help you quickly find the complete text for your references that are owned by the Health Sciences Library. 

When searching for full-text, the found pdfs will automatically attach to your reference. 

  1. Highlight the references you would like to find the full-text of. This may be an individual reference or many references at once. 
  2. Click on the Find Full Text icon   in the upper right hand corner of the screen, or from the top menu, select References > Find Full Text, or right click on the highlighted references and select Find Full Text. 
  3. Remember you must authenticate (see above) before searching for full text. 
  4. The Find Full text menu will activate in the lower left-hand column. Click on the drop down arrow to view the results. 
  5. The articles that were found will automatically attach the associated reference's data folder. Double click on the reference to view the pdf. 
  6. Found URLs will contain a link to the full-text file in the data folder.