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Wershub, Leonard Paul, M.D., 1901-1968: Home

Portrait of Leonard Paul Wershub, M.D., 1901-1968

Portrait of Leonard Wershub, M.D.

Works by Leonard Paul Wershub

Smith, H. W., Christovitch, A. R., Creevy, C. D., Stewart, C. M., & Wershub, L. P. (1959). Panel discussion: Medicolegal aspects of urology. The Journal of Urology, 81(2), 241-258.

Wershub, L. P. (1945). Bilateral hydronephrosis in horseshoe kidney. Bulletin.New York Medical College, 8, 44-60.

Wershub, L. P. (1948). Orchiopexy; a critique. The Journal of Urology, 60(4), 631-635.

Wershub, L. P. (1953). The evolution of industrial medicine. Bulletin.New York Medical College, 16, 46-51.

Wershub, L. P. (1954). Evaluation of urologic problems from the medicolegal point of view. The Journal of the International College of Surgeons, 22(5 Sect. 1), 583-593.

Wershub, L. P. (1955). Hematuria and nocturia in the industrial case. Industrial Medicine & Surgery, 24(2), 62-64.

Wershub, L. P. (1955). Medicolegal aspects of carcinoma of the urinary tract. The Journal of the International College of Surgeons, 24(5 Part 1), 562-566.

Wershub, L. P. (1956). Suprapubic prostatectomy: A critique. Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift, 86(Suppl 20), 608-609.

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Wershub, L. P. (1960). Testicular biopsy as an aid in diagnosis of testicular endocrinopathies. New York Medical College News & Notes, 2, 33-41.

Wershub, L. P. (1964). Hypogonadism in the male. Fertility and Sterility, 15, 9-14.

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Wershub, L. P., & KIRWIN, T. J. (1954). Ureterocele, its etiology, pathogenesis and diagnosis. American Journal of Surgery, 88(2), 317-327.

Wershub, L. P., KIRWIN, T. J., & BIEL, L. (1952). Bilateral pyelitis cytica and ureteritis cystica; a case report with six-year follow-up. The Journal of the International College of Surgeons, 18(4), 443-455. 

Brief Biographical Sketch

Birth: May 5, 1901
Death: January 14, 1968 

NYMC History:

  • 1930: NYMC Faculty (Urology Dept.)
  • 1927--1929: Intern,Beth Israel Hospital
  • 1927: Graduated NYMC
  • Consulting editor of the Chironian (dates not available)
  • Past president of the Alumni Association. (dates not available)
  • Curator of medical memorabilia at NYMC from 1963 - 1968
  • 1963 awarded the Alumni Medal of the College
  • Wrote One Hundred Years of Medical Progress: a history of New York Medical College, Flower and Fifth Avenue Hospitals


Additional Biographical Information:

  • Fellow, The American College of Surgeons
  • Fellow,International College of Surgeons
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Urology.
  • Member, NY Urological Society,
  • Member, NY Academy of Medicine
  • Member, NY Academy of Sciences.
  • Honorary Fellow, Surgical Academy of Madrid.
  • Authored 5 books:Urology and Industry, Sexual Impotence in the Male, The Human Testis, One Hundred Years of Medical Progress, and Urology from Antiquity to the 20th Century. 
  • 1919-1924: Attended Columbia and Yale Universities

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