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Cassidy, Right Reverend Monsignor James P., Ph.D., 1925-2015: Home

Portrait of Right Reverend Monsignor James P. Cassidy, Ph.D., 1925-2015

Portrait of Msgr. James Cassidy, Ph.D.


Brief Biographical Sketch

Birth: May 10, 1925
Death: October 14, 2015


NYMC History:

  • Chancellor and CEO, New York Medical College, 1987-1992.
  • Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, New York Medical College.
  • Member, Board of Trustees, 1976-1987.
  • Chair, Long Range Planning Committee, New York Medical College, 1976-1987.


Additional Information:

  • Director, Department of Health and Hospitals of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York, 1972-1987.
  • Consultant, Pontifical Commission for Pastoral Care of Health Workers, 1986.
  • Chairman, First World Congress of Catholic Hospitals and Health Care Institutions, 1973.


Detailed Biography:

Monsignor Cassidy received his B.A. Degree from St. Joseph's Seminary and College in 1950. He was ordained a priest of the Archdiocese of New York in 1951. He received a M.S. Degree from Fordham University in 1958 and in 1963, and a Ph.D. from Fordham in Educational Psychology and Counseling. He did Post-Doctoral Training in Clinical Psychology in 1964 at Fordham University and an Internship in Clinical Psychology at St. Vincent's University Hospital in 1965.

In addition, Monsignor Cassidy served a parish priest; his first parish was Holy Eucharist in Yonkers from 1951-1954 and then at St. Barnabas in Woodlawn from 1954 - 1964. In 1968, he was appointed Papal Chamberlain. From 1972 to 1989 he was Director of Department of Health and Hospitals of the Archdiocese of New York. In that capacity, he assisted Cardinal Cooke in the purchase of the Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital in 1978. (It is now named the Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Center.) Msgr. Cassidy served as a chaplain there from 1982-1983.

  • In 1983 he was appointed Prelate to His Holiness and appointed as Director of the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations. 
  • From 1987 until 1992, he served as Chancellor and Chief Administrative Officer of the New York Medical College. 
  • From 1992 until 1995, he served as Director of International Association of Catholic Health Institutions at the Vatican; 
  • from 1995 until 2000 he served as the Administrator of Holy Spirit Church in Cortland Manor, New York 
  • and from 2000 to 2003 he served as a staff psychologist and Director of Counseling at the Pontifical North American College in Vatican City. 
  • He was in residence at St. Patrick's Cathedral from 2003 to 2010.

Monsignor Cassidy became a Conventual Chaplain ad honorem of the Order of Malta in 1987. He was elected Assistant Principal Chaplain of the American Association in January 2004. He was awarded the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta Grand Cross Conventual Chaplain ad honorem and was awarded the Grand Cross Pro Piis Meritis in May 2015 at his 90th birthday celebration.


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