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UMDM 1103: The History of Medicine: Finding Articles

Finding Articles

Biographical and historical articles published in reputable professional journals are a reliable source of information on figures in the history of medicine. The Phillip Capozzi, M.D. Library has a wide range of electronic journal subscriptions which can be accessed remotely and contain reliable peer-reviewed sources that can be used in your History of Medicine course paper. The instructions below will guide you through searching these sources, and don't hesitate to Ask A Librarian if you have additional questions or have any difficulty accessing our electronic journal collection.

Searching PubMed for Biographical Articles

PubMed, the National Institutes of Health database of health sciences literature, includes the ability to search for "personal name as subject." This will retrieve biographical and historical articles about a specific person. To search in this way, search for the last name and first initial followed immediately by "[ps]" in square brackets. For example, to search for biographical and historical articles about Sigmund Freud, enter the following:

freud s[ps] <-- square brackets around the field label ps ("personal name as subject")

Once you have a list of results, you can refine the results to show only articles to which the Capozzi Library has access. Check "Full Text" under the "Text Availability" box. When you are on the page for the individual article, click the red "NYMC Access" button to view the full text. If you have difficulty retrieving the article, please Ask A Librarian for assistance.