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SOM Peer to Peer Resources

Peer to Peer Suggested Resources

All resources listed in this LibGuide have been recommended by NYMC's School of Medicine Peer Learning Partners and NYMC's School of Medicine AOA.

Everyone learns differently; you may find certain suggestions more helpful than others. You cannot and should not use all of these resources, but check them out and see which you think work best for you. Click on your year below for more information:
If you would like to recommend a resource, please email so we can update the page!

Academic Services

Office of Academic Excellence

Sunshine Cottage, Second Floor, Rooms 213-222a

To Contact Us:

OAE Team

Division of Student Academic Support

Division of Student Accommodations and Accessibility

Peer-to-peer support is provided for first and second year medical school courses, as well as third year clerkships. Each student is allowed 2 hours per week. Peer learning partners (PLPs) are at least one year ahead and are paid an hourly rate by NYMC Academic Support for their services. 
  • WC Online:
  • First time users need to register for an account. Only the white boxes are available times. All students are allowed up to 2 hours per week. Sessions cannot be held and booked on the same day to allow PLPs time to prepare. Online consultations are available directly through this system.
  • For further guidance, please review the WCOnline FAQs document provided below. If you have questions, please email


In keeping with its goal to promote diversity among its student population, New York Medical College is committed to attracting and educating students who will help to make the population of health care professionals reflective of the national population, including individuals with disabilities. In addition, New York Medical College is committed to ensuring equal access to its facilities, programs and services are available to students with disabilities.
The Accommodations and Accessibility Officer works within the Office of Academic Support.  In order to respect your privacy and ensure a thoughtful interactive process please contact the Office of Academic Support to make an appointment. We encourage students to apply for accommodations upon acceptance into their program to begin this process early; however, applications for accommodations may be submitted at any time. All requests are reviewed and determined in a timely manner. Please email or call Megan Siemers Livingston to make an appointment: or 914-594-3873.