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AOA Guidance

One of the harder shelf exams if you have not taken Medicine yet. While UWorld focuses on uniquely pediatric diseases, there will be a decent number of questions on your shelf exam that give you a pediatric patient with a medicine illness. There will be a minimal number of Ob/Gyn questions on this shelf as well.
Advice from the Class of 2021:
  • This is basically medicine for kids, so study like that.
  • Lots of questions in UWorld are spot on.
  • OnlineMedEd has the contents scattered around, it’s not just in pediatrics. Emma Holliday may be outdated.
  • UWorld and OME. OME was good, but less helpful for this shelf. Probably very good for Step 2 CK scope, but not enough depth for the shelf on its own. Do practice questions.
  • BRS is GOLD for the shelf.
  • PreTest/USMLE Easy is golden.
  • This rotation has a lot of assignments; try to get them finished earlier in the clerkship so that you have time to study without stressing about getting assignments completed at the end.
  • Aqiufer cases are long but WORTH IT.



AOA - "Always a great study source. Focuses on certain things (HSP, sickle cell, etc.); however, the shelf will be much more comprehensive."

Practice NBMEs

AOA - "Good resource for practice questions that simulate the real thing."

Emma Holliday - Pediatrics Video

AOA - "High yield video to review at the end of your rotation a day or two before the shelf."

OnlineMedEd - Pediatrics

AOA - "Good for uniquely pediatric illnesses, but it is important to venture into other sections (medicine, psych, OBGYN) to get a more well-rounded picture of what the exam can test you on."

Case Files: Pediatrics

Call Number: Main Collection WS18.2 C337 2013. Print and online available. 
AOA - "If you learn best in a case format, this will be helpful; however, many people do not use this resource. A few people swear by it for this rotation. Not a classic textbook, but a collection of common cases with explanations."  Available from the Health Sciences Library. 

Board Review Series: Pediatrics

Call Number: 1-Day Reserve WS18.2 P3712 2019. Print ONLY.
AOA - "A very long, but comprehensive book. Written in outline format, so if you liked Step Up to Medicine you’ll probably like this too. BRS Pediatrics is rather old (the most recent edition is from 2004); however, a lot of the information is the same. Probably the biggest discrepancy from then and now would be vaccinations." 

PreTest: Pediatrics

Call Number: Main Collection WS18.2 P371 2013. Print and online available.  
AOA - "An extra question bank if you feel like you need more Pediatrics questions than those available on UWorld." Available from the Health Sciences Library.

Aquifer (CLIPP) - Pediatrics

The 32 interactive virtual patient cases in Aquifer Pediatrics deliver on the learning objectives of the Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics (COMSEP) clerkship curriculum.
AOA - "These cases have a lot of good information, but are not comprehensive."

First Aid for the Pediatrics Clerkship

Online ONLY.
This review for the pediatrics clerkship provides medical students taking required rotations with a single, concise, high-yield resource. Hundreds of high-yield facts written by students and based on the clerkship's core competencies. Margin notes highlight common exam and "pimp" questions to really help students shine. Mini-cases are integrated throughout to give a clinical "face" to disease discussions. Available from the Health Sciences Library. 

AMBOSS - Pediatrics

AMBOSS is both a clinical companion on the wards and a reliable study guide for your NBME® Clinical Pediatrics Shelf exam. Access 168 pediatrics-specific Learning Cards in the Knowledge Library when you’re with patients or rounding with your team and thousands of practice questions in the Qbank that can help you study more in-depth (even offline—check out our mobile apps for Android and iOS).